Project iCare at O2

Project iCare at O2

Project iCare was founded in April 2014, after Rotherham store team leader, Mark Skelton, was registered blind.  Mark is now the ambassador for Project iCare, with the main aim of the project being to help the visually impaired community improve their daily lives with the help of digital technology. Mobile and tablet devices are his speciality. Mark is very passionate about his role within Project iCare, due to him being visually impaired he knows the difference digital technology can make to visually impaired community.

As a company they continue to work hard to keep supporting and helping anyone with any level of visual impairment and, since the project launched in 2014, they have had some great success stories.  Furthermore, since launching the project they have built some great working relationships with the Royal Society of the Blind, Yorkshire Guide Dogs and Action for the Blind. Who we are continually working with these organisations to help visually impaired people embrace digital technology so it can help them in day-to-day lives.

Josh, O2 store Guru at Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre, has the technical knowledge to support and help visually impaired people to use digital technology to communicate with their family and friends. Josh will happily show people how to use voice functions, magnification settings and apps that can increase the benefits of the device and make a world of difference to the visually impaired.

Project iCare has become very popular and if you feel you or your loved ones can benefit from the services the O2 guru provides please drop in to your local O2 store at Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre.

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