Outta This World Week!

Outta This World Week!

Join us here at Crystal Peaks this half term for something "outta this world", from 11am - 3pm Monday - Friday.

Activities include:

Slime Time

Join our Awesome Alien Invasion where our team will take you through a number of fun experiments and finally the chance to make your very own slime! A fun and educational workshop to test your knowledge, investigate and create. The team will lead our spectacular experiments where the children's mouths will fall wide open with amazement! Children can take away their own hand-made pot of goooooey slime! One of our talented team members will be on hand to add sci-fi face art and glitter to the children’s faces.

Rockin’ Rockets

Our space scientist team will take the children through the cool, crazy, funny, bizarre and wacky information as well as ‘did you know’ facts and other interesting space info that will help them learn a thing or two along the way. By designing and launching air powered rockets children are taught how different forces work and in particular Newton’s third law. Using action and reaction children can see why rockets take off. How rockets manage to take off from Earth, how long can it stay in orbit, and who was the first man on the moon. Before, each child can make their own balloon rocket to zoom down our rocket trail. Each child will take away a ring finger rocket to continue the fun at home!


Blast off on a spectacular journey through space and time. We will take the children through the weird and wonderful knowledge of space, the planets and how the universe exists! We’ll then get creative making ‘Mini Meteor Bath Bombs’. Let’s get hands on and have fun designing and making our own bath bombs! What is the science behind them? What makes them fizz? The children will feel like real life scientists, as they each don a scientist’s lab coat and are guided through creating their own fizzy bath bombs which would make a great present!

Silly Science

Get hands on in a mixture of fun, jaw dropping and out of this world experiments! You’ll get the chance to make your own predictions before testing it out and seeing if you got it right, and whether or not you’ve got what it takes to be a silly scientist… From marbled milk, to colourful lava, our quirky, cool experiments will amaze the kids every time!

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